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Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre

About Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre strives to promote Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples through awareness, healing and connection. By providing a safe space for all people, Narana is creating bridges of understanding that allow us to truly listen deeply in order to share knowledge with one another. Here we come together as equals on our journey towards an enriched future.

Narana is an organization dedicated to creating a shared heritage and promoting an understanding of Australia’s Indigenous culture. Through their personable approach, Narana encourages reconciliation with enriched dialogue around National Reconciliation – all while celebrating one of the world’s longest-living cultures. The word “Narana” captures the essence of this mission: deeply listening in order to comprehend, give back respectfully and ultimately build meaningful connections between individuals from diverse backgrounds. It is through these positive models that we can truly come together as a nation!


What to do at Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre offers a unique experience to learn about indigenous culture. From educational programs, tools & weapons displays to an art gallery and native garden, visitors can explore the ancient history of Australia’s first people. Be sure to check out Animal Feeding Experiences for up-close encounters with wildlife! The centre also features Narana Cafe along with gift shops full of souvenirs from Down Under- perfect for kiddo visits, complete with playground fun too!

Uncover the ancient stories, songs and culture of Aboriginal Australia with Narana – an award-winning cultural centre offering a unique visitor experience. Tour experts bring to life 50,000 years of tradition through immersive activities like bush tucker tasting and Dreaming walks. Inspired by their philosophy: “Listening & Learning for Life” visitors get to discover more about authentic Indigenous Culture in an idyllic setting amongst native trees and garden walkways that truly capture the Country connection. A must on any Australian itinerary!

Narana Centre

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