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Geelong Gallery

About Geelong Gallery

Nestled in the vibrant city of Geelong, Victoria, lies a haven for art enthusiasts. Boasting an impressive collection of over 6,000 works spanning 150 years, it’s no secret that The Geelong Art Gallery has become one of Australia’s major regional galleries to explore and discover. It forms part of its Cultural Precinct, including institutions like the adjoining Library & Heritage Centre and Arts Centre, as well as the nearby Courthouse – creating a creative hub unparalleled within the region!

Geelong Gallery serves to bring an inclusive art experience that will enrich people’s lives. This goal is supported by four core pillars: advancing the community, amplifying economic benefit through tourism and events, connecting users towards equity & diversity initiatives, and providing greater access to collections and exhibitions. Geelong aims for these activities to collectively result in a more vibrant city with limitless learning opportunities for all its residents!

Geelong gallery

What to do at Geelong Gallery

Experience art in a whole new way with Meet Orby—the interactive digital tour guide from Geelong Gallery! Download the app and journey through the gallery using augmented reality, or explore works of art right at home. With each piece, Orby will identify three key features to bring attention to fascinating stories hidden within every artist’s work – promoting curiosity and an appreciation for learning as you discover more about this expansive collection. Whether visiting virtually or on-site, let your children experience artwork like never before – sparking meaningful conversations around their favourite pieces along the way!

Geelong Gallery is delighted to present Future Creatives – an inaugural exhibition that celebrates the artistic achievements of young, burgeoning talents from Geelong and its surrounding region. This exceptional showcase serves as a platform for these artists who recently completed their Victorian Certificate of Education in 2022 – providing them with invaluable professional development insights into potential career pathways and tertiary studies in art & design.

Geelong gallery

One local company in Geelong that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Total Concrete Geelong

Address: 108 Balliang St, South Geelong VIC 3220

Telephone: (04) 8390 1700