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Geelong Gaol Museum

About Geelong Gaol Museum

Step back in time to experience the history and stories of Victoria’s oldest prison at the Geelong Gaol Museum. Nestled within its 170-year-old bluestone walls are captivating displays that offer a glimpse into how correctional facilities have operated over the years, from Colonial Prisons to Execution Grounds and military detention barracks. Hear personal prisoner accounts alongside tales of Hulks, Armorial Sagas & 6 executions that tell vivid narratives about life behind bars between 1853 – 1991. Uncover this dark piece of Australian colonial history with regular opening hours on weekends, school holidays & public holidays

At Geelong Gaol Museum, a truly remarkable experience awaits! From its convict roots to the present day, visitors can explore the museum’s interesting history and gain insights through delightful storytelling from those who run it. A must-visit for anyone seeking an engaging outing that stands out from the rest.


What to do at Geelong Gaol Museum

Journey through the captivating history of the Geelong Gaol Museum and experience a glimpse into Victoria’s colonial era. Explore the multi-period facility, which was used as a gaol, industrial school, military detention barracks, maximum security prison and training institute from 1853 to 1991. Learn how this Victorian institution became one of hardest prisons in Australia with regular displays such as ‘Saga Behind The Armour’, detailing Ned Kelly’s story, plus Stitched Up – Undressing our Convict Past; Executions at Geelong Gao;l an Escape of Edwin Eastwood! Uncover these incredible stories for yourself today!

Uncover the stories of captivating prisoners, executions, and so much more at the Geelong Gaol Museum. Built 170 years ago in 1853, this Victorian prison has seen many changes, including its use as an industrial school for young girls, a hospital gaol and military detention barracks. Guests can explore fascinating displays about Hulks, Colonial Prisons, Executions and Saga Behind the Armour that have shaped Victoria’s correctional history- all viewable on weekends or during public holidays!

Geelong Gaol

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