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MoPA: Museum of Play and Art

About MoPA: Museum of Play and Art

At MoPA™: Museum of Play and Art, they are committed to enabling learning through play-based experiences with creative exploration. They believe that the earlier a child begins developing these skills essential for life’s big challenges -the bigger their success can be in future! Their team is incredibly proud to have been recognized as leaders and innovators because their passion lies in impacting children’s futures worldwide. Established based upon one goal: To create positive change by empowering every individual who visits us –They continue pushing boundaries when it comes to early education.

Visit MoPA, where creative fun meets fine food. Nestled in one of Geelong’s oldest buildings lies a world-class playground for the entire family – from expansive interactive exhibits to delicious snacks and drinks at the cafe! Over ten thousand daily visitors make their way here each week, captivated by all that this unique museum has to offer. So come enjoy an unforgettable day with your loved ones while sampling our remarkable coffee selection too!


What to do at MoPA: Museum of Play and Art

Geelong Children’s Museum, MoPA: Museum of Play and Art, is an inspiring destination for kids and their families. They have a fantastic team of educators to help visitors engage with the interactive experiences onsite or join in artful activations while learning together. To ensure you don’t miss out – get your tickets early via the website! The museum is open seven days, but spots are limited, so book ahead!

MoPA: Museum of Play and Art provided an unforgettable experience for the whole family. From music to science, painting a car, and acting classes – there were endless opportunities to explore creativity! Not only was the staff friendly and engaging, but they kept a spotless environment where children could feel safe having fun. 

Upon arriving at MoPA: Museum of Play and Art, you quickly recognize why it has become so highly regarded. The architecture encourages children to explore their creativity through the many interactive activities available; even your youngest child was happily occupied! A highlight for you (and one could not be more delighted than a 3-year-old) was painting an old car – something he’ll remember forever. You can relax with some nice coffee while keeping up with children filled with curiosity before setting off again on new adventures aided by the reasonable admission charges.

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