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Geelong Waterfront

About Geelong Waterfront

Once a bustling port, Geelong Waterfront has been revived as an idyllic tourist and recreational area on the picturesque shores of Corio Bay. Following its redevelopment in the 1990s, this prime spot is now home to beautiful beaches, lively eateries and plenty of activities for visitors to enjoy – making it an essential destination for any traveller visiting Australia’s stunning coastline.

Discover the vibrant city of Geelong and its picturesque waterfront. From young families to adults, the diverse range of activities available on-site will provide endless entertainment. The award-winning Waterfront Geelong is renowned as a must-see destination for visitors who come from far and wide to experience all that this thriving coastal hub has to offer!


What to do at Geelong Waterfront

Boasting iconic vistas of Corio Bay, the Geelong Waterfront is a destination for families and holidaymakers alike. As one of Australia’s most stunning waterfronts, this bustling area has been recognized with esteemed awards since its inception in 1836. Immerse yourself in its cosmopolitan charm as you explore lush landscape gardens, public art installations and lively cafés; visit must-see attractions like our historic Carousel or Poppy Kettle playground complete with activities tailored to kids young and old – plus don’t forget to see the bollards! Whether it be an eventful evening out or accommodation needs that bring you here, let Geelong’s picturesque waterfront make lasting memories on your next getaway!

Step aboard for a unique experience exploring Geelong’s beautiful Waterfront! Ride through on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, take in the sights with Port Phillip Ferries’ service to Docklands and Portarlington, fly high above it all in helicopter view or enjoy some leisurely cruising along its shoreline. When summer brings scorching temperatures make sure to beat the heat at Eastern Beach swimming promenade: dip into enclosed sea baths monitored by lifeguards during peak season, ensuring an enjoyable day out no matter what you choose!

Geelong - waterfront

One local company in Geelong that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Total Concrete Geelong

Address: 108 Balliang St, South Geelong VIC 3220

Telephone: (04) 8390 1700